Spending time with your dog, whether relaxing, playing, working 
or exercising is the foundation of a healthy relationship that benefits both dogs and people. The Great Escape Barkery offers treats and a newly released book, all with a wellness emphasis to help you create a joyful life for you and your dog.
Canine Wellness and Prevention benefits you by decreasing costly visits to the vet's office. Staying in shape reduces the risk of disease and keeps bodies functioning more efficiently. Creating a lifestyle of good exercise together with your dog keeps you in shape as well your dog. Studies show that people that exercise with a buddy, whether human or canine, are more likely to stay with an exercise routine. And walking, running, swimming or dancing (yes, they have dog dancing now!) with your dog is much more fun! 
Good whole foods, absent of preservatives, texturizers, chemical sweetners and colorants, is better for dogs and people. Eating good food and making time to play keeps you and your dog loving life together.

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The Great Escape Barkery
A Great way to treat your dog!